A selection of our breeding bulls

We have a wide range of breeding bulls with outstanding pedigrees. Here some examples.


Hirashiget WG045

Hirashiget WG045 was born in February 2016. The SCD test is AA and tenderness is 6. He is free of genetic disorders. There is also semen available (native and female sexed!).


Hirashiget WG055

Hirashiget WG055 has AA in the SCD test and 4 in the tenderness. He also has Hirashigetayasu on his sire's side. Milk, fertility and carcass weight are his outstanding characteristics. On his dam's side he has the world famous sires Shigeshigetani and Sanjirou, who both have Suzutani in their pedigree! In addition there are Michifuku and Fukutsuru 068 - Tajima power!


Itomoritaka WG046

Itomoritaka WG046 reaches VA in the SCD-Test and 5 in the Tenderness - he is free of known genetic disorders! The sire Itomoritaka 42Z is a very framed and heavy bull, who is also marbling Michifuku - documented in the National Sire Summary 2017 in the USA. Jerry Reeves knows the breed extremely well. This bull was paired with Isi WG026. Still GeneStar tested, the results show it to be one of the best 5% of the Wagyu population in terms of marbling. A bull that brings size and a balanced temperament to the herd!


Kiramusuko I - a homozygous polled Purebred bull

Kiramusuko I is a homozygous polled Purebred bull (>98% Wagyu blood) - in the SCD test AA and Tenderness 4. This is free of known genetic disorders. The dam comes from a unique polled line (heterozygous). Kira WG010 is old Westholme fullblood genetics with Dai 6 Seizan, Hirashigetayasu and Kitateruyasudoi in pedigree. The dam's sire Sato has the bulls Mazda, Mt. Fuji and Rueshaw in her pedigree. The sire Bar R Arimura 30B is a homozygous polled bull. He has outstanding sires in his pedigree. His sire Bar R 52Y has produced 5000 (!) offspring in Australia, which now give very good slaughter results.