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Market development

There are at least two factors for the breeding of Wagyu:

On the one hand, the purchasing power in Europe is very high, so that there is an increasing number of top restaurants that want to offer only the best quality out of the thing out. Press releases on the legendary quality are pushing this demand furthermore. Therefore, the Wagyu consumption is only at the beginning of its development. The import of Wagyu meat to Europe is still extremely high, which shows obviously the potential of the market.

Consumers also want - due to the negative developments of recent years - to know where the meat comes from. Therefore the direct sales from the producer to the end consumer is increasing constantly. Together with my business partners I have already sold meat with very good response directly at weekly markets. Consumers are delighted with the quality and freshness of the product. Additionally we are selling the meat via an Onlineshop (www.vogelsberger-feinschmecker.de) successfully.

These two are the main reasons to focus on breeding Wagyu. It is often not as complicated as it appears because of all the myths.

We are your competent partner - concerning Wagyu breeding:

    • Livestock keeping & feeding
    • the different bloodlines
    • reproductive management
    • genetics marketing