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Wagyu Embryo (100% Fullblood - black)

Wagyu embryos are currently available from the following matings:

Dam Sire Number


Miki WG099

Mayura Pioneer



Isi WG044

Sumo Cattle Michifuku 153







Fukutsura WG093

Q122 9 201

Fukutsura WG093

Toshiro 2

5 (female sexed semen)


MS Itomoritaka WG095

Makkuro WG101

3 (female sexed semen)


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Wagyu Embryos - Polled genetics (Purebred)




Kirako 3 (homozygous polled)

Trent Bridge F115 1

Kirako 4 (homozygous polled)

Trent Bridge F115 1

Detailed descriptions of the individual matings can be found in the text below.

Heterozygous polled embryos

Premiere in Europe embryos of homozygous polled heifers!

Kirako 3 and Kirako 4 paired with top bulls - heterozygous polled calves guaranteed!
Purebred at the highest level - 99,22% Wagyu!


Kirako 3 (left) and Kirako 4 (bottom right) are the full sisters of Kiramusuko II, the first European homozygous hornless insemination bull. They have a pedigree with a very broad range of genetics - their sire BAR R Arimura 30B is an excellent sire:
The sire of Arimura is BAR R 52Y, who has the top sire Shigeshigetani 30T (outstanding values in marbling, RibEye and carcass weight) in his pedigree, as well as the world-famous sires WKS Shigeshigetani, WKS Michifuku, Fukutsuru 068 and Haruki 2. BAR R 52Y has already been used very often in Australia for breeding - with very good results regarding growth, milk yield, good temperament, marbling and RibEye!
The dam of Arimura is BAR R 5U. She brings a very correct frame, as well as good milk yield. Her pedigree also includes the bull Takasuru 1K, which produces very good marbling.

The dam of Kirako 3 and 4 is Kira WG010, who also has very good sires in her pedigree:
Her sire Sato is a Purebred bull who has the first export bulls in his pedigree - Mt. Fuji (Kikunori Doi and Tafuji Doi) as well as Mazda and Judo for the red factor. Extremely much original genetics!
The dam Kira comes from the well-known Westholme breeding, which some of the Foundation Sires have introduced. On their sire's side you can find Dai 6 Seizan as well as Kitateruyasudoi, who is famous for his marbling and its fineness. The dam's side is completely derived from imported Japanese genetics - Hirashigetayasu, Kitateruyasudoi and Kitasakaedoi!


The following matings are available

Kirako 3 and Kirako 4 were paired with one of the best bulls of Australian origin: Trent Bridge F115 is the bull with the highest Terminal Carcass Index (+343) and at the same time free of genetic disorders in Europe!
His father is Itoshigenami. His genetics can be found in many of today's "Super-Sire" of Australia. He also stands for a very good marbling. Kitateruyasudoi is the dam's sire and also contributes to this and he adds the finesse of marbling as well. Furthermore, TF151 Itozurudoi can be found on the dam's side. He has 50% Tajima-, 25% Kedaka- and 25% Fujiyoshi-blood and produces a very large frame and a good milk yield as well as a good marbling.