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Breed goal

Fullblood breeding

Wagyu Genetics is a fullblood Wagyu breeding operation located near Kassel, Germany. Our goal is to create the best possible genetics of fullblood Wagyu and to be a leading German Wagyu producer by focusing on using the best genetic sources available. Superior genetics are the key for success. The initial livestock was composed out of 8 animals from five different mating. Over the years it has been supplemented by more genetics consistently.

Mainly by embryo transfer, the herd has grown from the beginning on. Meanwhile, however, the third and fourth generation emerged from our own breeding. The results are carefully evaluated and we bred the best animals again. We have used bull semen from the United States as well as imports from Australia. Most recent highlight is the bull Yasuzane, with the Yasufuku Jr. and Suzutani 976 (Tajima-blood pedigree) in his pedigree, but also with Takazakura.
The full-blood animals are all registered in the German herd book.

We are focused on a high marbling potential in our herd. On the other hand we are interested in balanced cattle, which have good growth and maternal abilities as well. Therefore we are using bulls with high Tajima bloodlines like Yojimbo, Yasuzane and TrentBridge as well as cattle with high Fujiyoshi and Kedaka – bloodlines, e.g. Shigefuku 059 and Hirashiget WG045. Our animals are registered as fullblood Wagyu - checked out by the relevant and official institutions. This gives you the safety for your own breed!

In 2019 we will import more bulls from Australia - some outcross bulls as well!


Polled breeding at the highest Purebred level - an addition to our breeding goals

An absolute rarity comes from the mating of my cow Kira with the bull Sato, whose semen was already introduced to Germany in the middle of the 90's: the cow Kira WG010 is heterozygous polled! And has passed this on to a daughter from the mating with Takamichi Doi! Kira WG024 is thus 99.22% Wagyu, the mother 98.44% - the best condition for the beginning of a breeding of polled Wagyu!

With Arimura we could secure the first homozygous polled bull from the breeding of Jerry Reeves with a share of 98,35% Wagyu blood, which is registered in the American herdbook. And this as the first breeder in Europe!

We are the first breeders in Europe that offer the semen of Kiramusuko II, a homozygous polled bull with more than 98% Wagyu blood. In Australia a lot has already been bred with the bull BAR R 52Y, the sire of Arimura. The slaughter results are outstanding - 88% of the carcasses have a BMS of 7 or better!!

Furthermore we have embryos from homozygous polled dams, which we paired with outstanding fullblood sires - guaranteed heterozygous hornless offspring with impressive quality!