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Yojimbo WG006 (Herdbooknumber: 10.201282)

Yojimbo WG006 is a 2010 born, performance tested bull with a very good pedigree:

LMR Yojimbo has been sold in the USA for 35.000 $ by the breeder! He has homozygous results in the GeneSTAR test for all four marbling gene markers and all three tenderness gene markers! His pedigree shows the Tajima bloodline with 81%. This stands for marbling. With Fukutsuru 068 he has one of the best marbling sires in the world in his pedigree. The same goes for Yasufuku Jr., who according to the "2104 Lone Mountain Sire Performance Study" takes one of the first two places in all areas of meat quality. The semen of this bull can no longer be exported to Europe.

Isi comes from an Australian embryo transfer. She has Dai 6 Seizan in her pedigree, which comes from the Fujiyoshi line and stands for good meat quality. Furthermore Hirashigetayasu is represented, whose grandfather is Kedaka, the founder of the well-known breeding line, which stands for size. The bull is free of genetic peculiarities!

Net price per straw: 60,00 € - volume discount is possible - contact us!