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WKS Michitsuru (WKSFU0006)

WKS Michitsuru is 100% Tajima genetic of the finest. This bull was bred in 1999 and is thus a long tradition in the successful production of F1 animals and thoroughbred breeding. The descendants with an extensively proven marble score distribution as shown below:

* o 7+ (20%)

* o 9+ (80%)

WKS Michitsuru comes direct from WKS Michifuku, which is rated as the number 1 for the inheritance of marbling in Australia. WKS Michifuku is a bull, which was entered directly in the Japanese herd book giving the bull a level of recognised creditability. Notably his pedigree indicates the reliability in his ability to promote the heritability of marbling performance in his offspring with his sire Monjiro producing carcasses that sold at auction for $16,000, $18,000 and $21,000 at the 2007 All-Japan Wagyu Competition.