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Trent Bridge F115 (TBRFF0115)

Trent Bridge F115 with 75% Tajima content has superior marbling from leading bloodlines which trace back to Japan.
The bull is in Group D in the Wagyu Fullblood Rotational Programme so he has a valuable role in Fullblood breeding. Fullblood Wagyu herds will benefit from F115 semen as progeny derived over high growth and high milk dams will be complemented by the powerful marbling IMF% and also the quality through fineness of marbling that he brings. His pedigree is endorsed by superior carcass breeding predictions from Breedplan. He is in the Top 1% for Marble Score EBV and Fullblood Terminal Index, in the Top 5% for Marble Fineness EBV and virtually in the Top 10% for light Birth Weight EBV.
He is the half-brother to Mayura Itoshigenami Jr whose semen sold for $3,050 a straw in 2016 and for $22,000 a straw in 2017. They both share Itoshigenami TF148 as their sire but Trent Bridge F115 is tested free of F11 and CHS and there is no history of known recessive conditions in his pedigree so he can be used with confidence in seed stock herds.
Trent Bridge F115 semen will be particularly valuable for crossing over conventional base breeds to improve premium eating quality from increased intramuscular fat and improved fineness of marbling. He will be particularly well suited for F1, F2 and F3 production over medium to large size breeds. Wagyu, in general, produce light calves at birth, but this bull possesses extremely low birth weight EBVs. Trent Bridge F115 semen will present small calves so can be used to open heifers.

Sire of Trent Bridge F115 is Itoshigenami TF148. He is the Foundation sire exported from Japan that has the highest Marble Score estimated breeding value (EBV) of +1.7 in Australian Breedplan amongst his peers and is comfortably still ranked in the top 1%. His Terminal Carcase Index of $351 is within the Top 1% too. An ancestor from Itoshigenami’s maternal side, Dai 7 Itozakura, is the most prominent Fujiyoshi sire in Japan known to pass on a large frame from strong growth rate.
The dam, Trent Bridge Wagyu C212, is sired by Kitateruyasu Doi “003” and Michifuku is her maternal great-grandsire. Both of these sires are descendants of Yasumi Doi. Yasumi Doi is considered to be one of the leaders of the highest marbling Tajima line with origins in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. Trent Bridge C212, is still active in the Trent Bridge Wagyu herd at nine years of age and has produced seven registered Fullblood calves from natural mating and five as an embryo donor. Her Grandsire is Itozuru Doi TF151 who contributes growth and milk from his Dai 7 Itozakura ancestry and also the Kedaka line through Nishizuru. Trent Bridge C212 comprises 74% Tajima, 16% Fujiyoshi and 7% Kedaka.

Trent Bridge F155 has been tested to be free from CHS and F11 and his pedigree is free from other known recessive conditions.

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