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Makkuro WG101 (WGGFP0102)

This bull is descended from Sumo Cattle Michifuku 126, which belongs to the top 15% of the Australian herdbook breeding. According to the herd manager of Sumo Cattle, this bull makes particularly beautiful calves! On the mother's side, the genetics of Blackmore Aizatzurudoi are introduced with Fukutsuru 068 and Kikutsurudoi (this bull has Kikutsuru twice, the legendary Hyogo cow in his pedigree!) In addition Itozurudoi is also represented.

Makkuro WG101 is a very well balanced bull with milk, carcass weight, marbling and fineness of marbling - a very rare combination in German breeding! Free of genetic disorder!

Net price per straw native: 40,00 € - volume discount is possible - contact us!

Net price female sexed (2 Mio.): 60,00 € - volume discount is possible - contact us!