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Heterozygous polled embryos

Premiere in Europe embryos of homozygous polled heifers!

Kirako 3 paired with top bulls - heterozygous polled calves guaranteed!
Purebred at the highest level - 99,22% Wagyu!

Kirako 4 (homozygous polled)

The dam of Kirako 4 is Kira WG010, who also has very good sires in her pedigree:
Her sire Sato is a Purebred bull who has the first export bulls in his pedigree - Mt. Fuji (Kikunori Doi and Tafuji Doi) as well as Mazda and Judo for the red factor. Extremely much original genetics!
The dam Kira comes from the well-known Westholme breeding, which some of the Foundation Sires have introduced. On their sire's side you can find Dai 6 Seizan as well as Kitateruyasudoi, who is famous for his marbling and its fineness. The dam's side is completely derived from imported Japanese genetics - Hirashigetayasu, Kitateruyasudoi and Kitasakaedoi!