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Heterozygous polled embryos

Premiere in Europe embryos of homozygous polled heifers!

Kirako 3 paired with top bulls - heterozygous polled calves guaranteed!
Purebred at the highest level - 99,22% Wagyu!

Kirako 3 (homozygous polled)

Kirako 3 (left) and Kirako 4 (bottom right) are the full sisters of Kiramusuko II, the first European homozygous hornless insemination bull. They have a pedigree with a very broad range of genetics - their sire BAR R Arimura 30B is an excellent sire:
The sire of Arimura is BAR R 52Y, who has the top sire Shigeshigetani 30T (outstanding values in marbling, RibEye and carcass weight) in his pedigree, as well as the world-famous sires WKS Shigeshigetani, WKS Michifuku, Fukutsuru 068 and Haruki 2. BAR R 52Y has already been used very often in Australia for breeding - with very good results regarding growth, milk yield, good temperament, marbling and RibEye!
The dam of Arimura is BAR R 5U. She brings a very correct frame, as well as good milk yield. Her pedigree also includes the bull Takasuru 1K, which produces very good marbling.