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Isija WG074

Embryos 1st Quality- female sexed semen
Isija WG074 has two bulls from the very famous Mazda Wagyu breed in her pedigree and her origin goes back to my Isi line. The mother-mother Isi WG044 descends from our Isi WG020. Her sire was none other than the very highly traded LMR Yojimbo, whose semen may no longer be exported. The mother-mother-father Mazda Wagyu Inoki also has the "Foundation" cow Rikitani in his pedigree. The mother-father Mazda Wagyu James is linebred to Kikuteru Doi from the Kikumi Doi - line (Tajiri)!

In the sire Lake Wagyu C087 Michifuku was deliberately used again, because he also forms large Rib Eye Areas and this characteristic should be manifested beside the marbling. TF 151 Itozurudoi is a well balanced bull (50% T/25%S/25K), which produces good frames - especially in females!