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Isi WG052

Embryos 1st Quality- female sexed semen
The father of Isi WG052 is CHR Shigeshigetani. He has a lot of World K´s genetics - with Shigeshigetani and Michifuku in his pedigree. According to Toshi Matsuoka, the boss of World K´s, are these his best bulls for meat production. On the mother's side the mating has the very highly traded LMR Yojimbo 643S, who has produced very good results in marbling and with Isi old Westholme genetics of the best! The sire Lake Wagyu C087 deliberately used Michifuku again, because he also produces large rib eye areas. This characteristic should be manifested next to the marbling. TF 151 Itozurudoi is a balanced bull (50% T/25%S/25K), that produces good frames - especially in female animals.

Both parents are free of known genetic disorders!