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Isi WG044

Embryos 1st Quality
Isi WG044 is one of my cows with the biggest frame and has with Mazda Wagyu Inoki a very rare sire in the Pedigree - Overflow Katsumi, whose mother is Rikitani, one of the export cows of World K´s! In addition there is Yojimbo 634, the American bull that was sold for 35.000 USD years ago!

The father of the embryos is the already mentioned top bull from Australia - Sumo Cattle Michifuku 153! This bull belongs with his breeding values to the best 5% of the Australian breeding - which is something special with the quality available there!

An outstanding mating! With a Self Replacing Index of 185 and a Wagyu Breeder Index of 176 (July 2020)!!!!