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Isi WG029

2 Embryos 1st Quality
The dam is an F11 carrier - 50% probability of offspring without genetic disorders!

Isi WG029 - her dam is Isi WG003, one of my old cows, an offspring of Bar R Ichiro 32 R - this cow delivers outstanding marbling in her offsprings. This plus the size from Bay Dai 7 Hero (Itozakure line bred) gives Isi WG029 a very good frame and marbling potential.

Sanjiro 5U comes directly from Sanjiro 3, who was listed in the last Wagyu Sire Summary from the USA as the best marbling bull by far! The sire's dam's side brings in Kenhanafuji, a very rare bull. Due to his size and excellent marbling at the same time.