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Wagyu breeding is our passion. Our ambition is to select the best Wagyu genetics for you. Take advantage from our breeding animals, embryos and semen.

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Breeding Wagyu since 2006

Since 2006 I have been breeding Wagyu. The legendary Kobe cattle enjoys as beef in the top restaurants in Japan and the United States as a delicacy an outstanding reputation. In Europe is a growing awareness of foodies as well!

The myth according to the Wagyu be massaged in Japan every day and get beer in the feed in order to develop the marbling. This can done without it! The genetic predisposition is available, a high caloric feed regimen also contributes to the quality of the exclusive meat product.

Benefit from the experience - I can support you! If you are interested in semen, embryos, recipient cows with fullblood embryos and livestock, please look under "embryos and livestock"! In May 2007, the first Wagyu fullblood calve was born.

The genetic pool has been expanded by importing bulls from the US systematically, so a good starting point for further breed development is given. Furthermore, I have Wagyu fullblood semen imported from Australia. Especially remarkable is the bull Yasuzane, who was bred by Barbara Benjamin (Goshu Wagyu). This father is of Yasufuku Jr. (son of Yasufuku, one of the most famous bulls in Japan) and maternal Chikazuki, whose parents are Takazakura (good marbling and size) and Suzutani 976 (probably the best cow that has ever left Japan). The best conditions for further breeding!

In the meantime, you can find animals from our breed in many other herds, not only in Germany but also in Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, England an Northern Ireland.

It is all about the breeding Wagyu cattle:

Wagyu Breeding Advice also for starters and beginners: We advise you on the breeding and genetics of Wagyu cattle, bulls and Wagyu heifers, starting with Wagyu sperm, embryo transfer, Wagyu embryos and Wagyu insemination.

As a competent partner for breeding, we are available for all questions about

    • Wagyu pregnancy, juveniles, polled wagyus and oxen
    • breeding, e.g. purebredness and crossbreeding, e. g. Fullblood, Purebred, Crossbreed and F1 Breeding and the subject of predatory breeding
    • Genetic peculiarities, but also the feeding of the animals, are topics with detailed information on our site

Learn more about the Wagyu program for breeding, learn about Wagyu DNA testing, Wagyu marketing, cost effectiveness and our prices.

Two of our Top-Bulls 

Hirashiget WG045

Hirashiget WG045 has a SCD: AA and a Tenderness of 6! Free of known genetic disorders!

The father of this new breeding bull is Hirashigetayasu, one of the "Foundation Sires" from Westholme. His father Dai 20 Hirashige is linebred to Kedaka and has in Japan an outstanding number of offsprings 75.000! There is a lot of growth potential as well as marbling potential due to Tayasu-Doi out of the Tajiri-line. The mother is Sanshiga, a high Tajima cow, weighing by scale 1500 pounds. Sanshiga has every notable sire in her pedigree: Sanjirou, Shigeshigetani, Haruki II, Michifuku, JVP Fukutsuru 068, and she has the greatest cow ever to leave Japan, Suzutani, on both sides of her pedigree and another great Dam of the breed, Okutani, as well. Click here for semen offer!


Kiramusuko II

Premiere in Europe - semen from the first homozygous polled bull!

Purebred at the highest level - 98.44% Wagyu!

Worldwide, the breeding of polled Wagyu is on the rise! In Australia astronomical prices have been paid for one year - both for heterozygous and homozygous sires! In America, a bull was sold for $ 115,000 - a record amount! This was only topped by a Mayura Itoshigenami Jr. son in Australia for the absolute top price of $ 185,000.

SCD: VV - Tenderness: 9 - free of genetic disorders

Kiramusuko II is a very well-bred bull who brings excellent sires to his pedigree through his father BAR R Arimura 30B. The father of Arimura is BAR R 52Y. This bull was already used very often in Australia for breeding with very good results in terms of growth, milk production, good temperament, marbling and RibEye! The dam of Kiramusuko II is Kira WG010, who also has very old and original sires in her pedigree. Due to the diversity of ancestors, Kiramusuko II can be used for breeding in many Wagyu! Click here for more information and the semen offer!


Meat Contest

Steffen Schäfer organised the first Wagyu meat contest for the Wagyu Association Germany. A top-class jury chose the best meat in blind tastings. First place went to a 6 (!) year old cow that lived on Patrick Hecht's farm. Congratulations to Patrick and special thanks to Steffen for the execution!

As a breeder I am happy that the animal was bred from one of my embryos!







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Heterozygous polled heifer auctioned for 8.000 € and embryo packages as well!